Splash Pad Installations

Check out our splash pads that we’ve installed all over the USA!

We’ve done everything from a rustic splash pad to a Finding Nemo-themed water park.

My Splash Pad is your residential, commercial, and portable splash pad manufacturer and installer for all your water play needs.

Canal Fulton, OH – This campground water park will be your new go-to spot if you live anywhere near Clay’s Park Resort in Canal Fulton, OH!

We had a great time installing this 2,500 square-foot water play area with MSP Safer Surface and Clay’s Park Staff were so thrilled to see that we could recreate their logo out of our surfacing!

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Franklin, TN – The Farm at Natchez Trace Dog Facility in Franklin, TN, loves their doggy daycare water park.

This freshwater splash pad gives the pups a cool drink on those hot Tennessee days. The staff even trained their German Shepherd to go out and touch the bollard to activate the splash pad for all the other dogs. 

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Petersburg, West Virginia.  Splash Pad and Pool! Great combination for an exciting water-filled rec area in Petersburg, West Virginia!

We installed a backyard residential splash pad around this family’s new pool installation. The splash pad has 6 Below Ground Features with 36 nozzles—2 Liquid Jails, 2 Liquid Snake, and 2 Tunnel sprays—no way to escape getting drenched!

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Midland, Texas.  Just finished up training a My Splash Pad dealer in Midland Texas, on how to properly install a splash pad.

In this area, they are not allowed to install swimming pools because of water consumption and drought conditions, but a splash pad is permitted due to low water usage.

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