Check out our line of Dog Water Park Features.

Dog Water Park Manufacturer and Installer

Dog Water Park Manufacturer and Installer

Your dog deserves the same water fun that children all over the USA have had for years. We felt that dog water parks were lacking fun and exciting water play features that are specifically for dogs. Since 2013, we have manufactured unique and dog-friendly features that are of our own design! You have your choice of a realistic dog bone, a loveable dog house, a drinkable dog bowl, an entertaining dog jump hoop, and an engaging dog bowl with hydrant. If you do not see a feature, let us know, we love to have input for new dog splashpad features.

Manufacture with Marine Grade Fiberglass

We manufacture our dog water play features out of the same material that we use in all of our other features; Marine Grade Fiberglass which comes with no risk of rusting, denting, or damage that steel has or PVC to break that others use! Our dog water park features are very sturdy and will hold up to dog water play.

My Splash Pad can manufacture just about any water play feature.

With fiberglass, we can manufacture just about any water play feature, unlike steel that cannot be manipulated like fiberglass. Our features are specifically manufactured to be low flow for water conservation and to help keep the cost of water usage down.

Dog water park features

What about recreation for your favorite pooch?

Dog water parks are becoming commonplace at doggie daycare centers to provide man’s best friend with a great way to cool off and socialize with other dogs.

Check out our line of dog park water park features.

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Fade, chip, and scratch resistant.

We also paint our dog splash pad features with a Urethane Enamel paint, that is similar to the paint that is used in the Semi-Truck industry; it is fade, chip, and scratch resistant surface to give any dog a safe water play area.

Check out the Doggy Daycare Water Park that we installed in Franklin, Tennessee. The staff even trained their German Shepard to come out and touch the Activator to turn the system on for all the puppies!

My Splash Pad Dog Water Park Toy Features. Manufacturer, Installer And Builder Of Dog Water Park Splashpad Equipment.

My Splash Pad Dog Water Park Toy Features. Manufacturer, Installer And Builder Of Dog Water Park Splashpad Equipment.

fresh water to drain system

When choosing the details for your dog water park, we recommend going with a fresh water to drain system versus a recirculatory system. Recirculatory systems require upkeep and chemicals to keep bacteria at bay, which those chemicals can cause skin irritations to the dogs. You also cannot control the fact that dogs will try to drink the water, and no one wants them to ingest chemically treated water all day. When you go with a freshwater to drain set up, you do not have to worry about chemicals, irritations, or the dogs drinking the water because it is as fresh and as safe as the water that comes out your faucet. It then goes through a drain, never to return back through the splash pad again. We highly recommend a fresh water to drain system to keep any dog using the water play area, happy and healthy!

My Splash Pad Dog Water Park Manufacturer & Installer Splashpad Splashpads Builder

If a permanent splash pad does not fit your budget or facility, we offer a portable splash pad line. These features are manufactured from Marine Grade Fiberglass and paint as our permanent line. The portable splashpad line come out of the crate and ready for your furry friend to play. For the portable splash pad line, you just need a flat surface to set up the feature and a ¾” garden hose to your spigot. Your best friend will love these instant splashpads. You are also able to permanently install these features with direct hard plumbing them, like we did in Myrtle Beach at a doggy daycare.

When dealing with My Splash Pad you are working directly with the manufacturer and installer instead of the headache of dealing with separate manufacturers and installers. If you check out our reviews you see how we take care of our customers!

Let us come up with a doggie splash pad that your pup will love!

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