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We don’t want man’s best friend left out of the water fun! Our Dog Water Park Play Features will have your playful pals waggin’ and splashin’ with these aquatic water play areas for dog parks or your home.

The water play fun will abound with our unique Dog Bowl, Dog Bone, Bulldog Water Bowl, and Dog Bowl with Hydrant!

Made in the USA

Our dog water park features are proudly made in Ohio, USA! We manufacture them with the highest quality materials from our skilled artisans. We can provide safe water play and socialization for your beloved pets with them.

Crafted from fiberglass and/or Structural Polyurethane, our features are incredibly durable. They have some of the highest wall thickness in the industry. NO steel to rust or PVC that breaks!

  • They are built to withstand vigorous play.
  • They will not rust.
  • They can be custom painted in the colors of your choice.
  • They can be branded with your logo or identity.
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We hand-paint each of our unique dog water park play features, so no two features are exactly alike. We use an Urethane Enamel paint, similar to the paint used in the Semi-Truck industry; it is a fade, chip, and scratch-resistant surface to give any dog a safe water play area.

Our airbrush artists can custom paint your water feature to coordinate with your brand colors and add your company logo or identity to the feature for a custom touch.

My Splash Pad Dog Water Park Toy Features. Manufacturer, Installer And Builder Of Dog Water Park Splashpad Equipment. My Splash Pad Dog Water Park Toy Features. Manufacturer, Installer And Builder Of Dog Water Park Splashpad Equipment.

Custom Features

Have a custom feature in mind for your water play area? We can custom-make almost any feature from our fiberglass and/or Structural Polyurethane!

Whether you are looking for water playground equipment for your dog water park, doggy daycare, or your own home, you will find My Splash Pad offers you the best quality splash pad water play features for your dollar.

Find your favorite dog water park play features below and give us a call or fill out the contact page about your project. Your four-legged friends will thank you!

Dog Park Features

Portable Dog Park Features

My Splash Pad is the only direct commercial and residential splash pad manufacturer that fabricates a portable splash pad line! These features are manufactured to come straight out of the shipping crate, attach a garden hose, and have a refreshing water play toy in minutes. If you are a city park, dog daycare, campground, or residential backyard looking to add a water play area – you will love the convenience of our portable splash pads

View our Portable Line