Spray N’ Play in West Liberty

The community in West Liberty, Ohio, is excited to show off its new summer getaway, a 1,400-square-foot freshwater to-drain splash pad!

They decided to go with many of our manufactured fiberglass aquatic water play features, which include a Single Bucket Dump, Large Mushroom, Crab, Birdie Spray, Hoops, Double Axis Cannon, and Frog, all of which are powered by our Bollard Splash Pad Activator.

We also installed our signature MSP Safer Surface, allowing the kiddos to enjoy safe waterpark fun and giving peace of mind to parents!

This local water park will have the West Liberty community splashin’ and playin’ all summer long!

For more information regarding how you can get a community water pad, please feel free to Contact us!

Spray N’ Play West Liberty