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Spray Bump Water Play Features

Crafted from fiberglass and coated with PolySoft safety surfacing, My Splash Pad Spray Bump water play features are a unique and fun spray park addition for big kids and a great sensory feature for the little ones. While our Half Sphere water play features can be fitted with one nozzle, our Spray Bumps can be fitted with up to four.

Included with purchase:

  • My Splash Pad Spray Bump with up to four nozzle housings, 3/4″ supply line
  • My Splash Pad includes three interchangeable nozzles (fan spray, triple spray, adjustable arch) for each nozzle housing.
  • A nozzle tool is provided so you can change out the nozzles with ease.

Feature Information:

  • Constructed from heavy wall marine grade fiberglass, the My Splash Pad Spray Bump has one of the highest wall thicknesses in the industry and is coated with MSP Anti-Slip coating.
  • Fitted with up to five My Splash Pad aqua nozzles
  • Available in two sizes – 14″, 24″
  • Choose from our MSP Anti-Slip coating color chart for a unique feature
  • 2 GPM for the fan spray and triple spray nozzles per nozzle housing installed
  • 5 GPM for the adjustable arch nozzle per nozzle housing installed

Be sure to check out our entire line of water playground equipment and water play features.

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