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Splash Pad Below Ground Features

My Splash Pad manufactures various spray options to create water play features for your water park project!

With our 3-in-1 jet deck nozzles, you have the look of a Liquid Jail, Liquid Arch, or a Spring Out/In. Each pattern creates its own special effect with an easy, interchangeable design.

The nozzles are made with high-impact plastic and are injection molded to give you the finest finish that will last the test of time.

They have the best warranty in the industry as well – Lifetime in commercial applications.

My Splash Pad Feature Base with Spray Cover

Another option is our exclusive fiberglass feature base with a Spray Cap, which you can customize to create any water look; popular choices are our Large Fan Spray, Geyser, or Liquid Sprout! The Spray Caps come in several colors to match your water park project needs.

If you would like to add an above-ground feature, you can unbolt the spray cap and add one of our fun water play features to the fiberglass feature base!

LED Feature Spray Base

We also manufacture our color-changing LED Feature Spray Bases to create a colorful water fountain effect. The LED lights are safely enclosed inside a housing within the feature base and do not come in contact with water.

Each base comes with an installation/winterization cap and the acrylic lens that will show the LED lighting and water spray (the acrylic lens is to be put on last to avoid scratching it during installation.)