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What is a splash pad

Splash pads go by many names – spray parks, splash zones, water playgrounds, urbeaches, and so forth. They also take on many forms – commercial spray parks, light commercial splash zones, backyard water parks, and dazzling patio water features.

But what is it? What is a splash pad? It is simply an area fitted with a non-slip surface or safety surface and various nozzles and features that can shower, spray, rain, mist, and shoot streams of water to create an awe-inspiring and inviting place for recreational water play in nearly any venue and neighborhood.

With preserving one of our most precious resources in mind, My Splash Pads are designed to operate with virtually zero water depth. And, as the water splashes onto the surface, it is collected, filtered, sanitized, and re-circulated to keep the water fun flowing in an eco-friendly way.

Great swimming pool alternative or add on!

Most residential splash pads and light commercial splash pads cost less than the installation of a residential swimming pool. They are also less expensive to operate and maintain. To top it off, a splash pad can add value to your property without adding the risks inherent with swimming pools.

If a pool is on your water play must-have list, you can add the splash pad experience to your existing swimming pool or new pool construction with a My Splash Pad pool tie-in.

Looking for how to build a splash pad?

For the skilled do-it-yourselfer, check out My Splash Pad’s do-it-yourself splash pad kits.

My Splash Pad – all things splash pad

We are making a splash in the commercial splash pad and residential splash pad markets. If you are looking to build a commercial water park, add a light commercial spray park to your hotel, preschool, campground, or neighborhood, or create your own water playground in your own backyard, our design team will work with you to create a water play destination to enjoy for years to come.

Visit our frequently asked questions page for even more info on splash pads, or contact us. We’d love to talk with you!

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