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Bollard Activator Water Play Features

Conserve water and save on electric with My Splash Pad Bollard Activator water play features. With this feature your splash pad only runs when it is in use.

How does it work? The bollard is equipped with a sensor that is activated by touch. When a child taps the bollard, the splash pad turns on. Then, after a set period of time, the splash pad will automatically shut off and remain off, unless it is activated again by another tap on the bollard.

Made from heavy wall marine grade fiberglass, the Bollard Activator will withstand the elements and vigorous play. It stands 36” tall and can be painted in the color of your choice.

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Marine Grade Fiberglass

All of our products are manufactured from Marine Grade Fiberglass each feature may differ on texture. Our commercial features with a stem do have a texture as to add strength and is not a smooth finish to the stem. If you would like a smooth finish this needs to be noted and additional costs will apply to give you a smooth finish to your feature. The colors that are shown may also differ due to your computer monitor settings.

My Splash Pad Bollard Activator water play features

My Splash Pad Bollard Activator water play featuresActivator water play features

Bollard Activator Water Play Features