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MY Splash Pad Primrose Daycare School Splashpad Water Wheel Beach Umbrella Duck Beach Ball Spray Bump Bollard Safety Surface

Primrose School of Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill, NJ – Take a look at this fun and colorful fresh water to drain splash pad that we installed for Primrose Schools of Cherry Hill, NJ! We manufactured for them a Rubber Duck, Beach Umbrella, Beach Ball Spray Bump, Water Wheel Water Play Features and a Bollard Activator! After 30 days of the concrete curing we came back to install MSP Safer Surface, to keep the children safe from bumps and scrapes that can happen on an uncovered concrete surface! The Primrose kids have so much fun spending time running through the splashpad and creating lasting memories with their friends! Contact us to see how you can get one of these at your daycare!

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