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My Splash Pad Safer Surface

Safety Surface Options by My Splash Pad

At My Splash Pad, we believe in making outdoor fun as safe as it is enjoyable. We achieve this by using sustainable and environmentally-friendly safety surface products that provide protective comfort, stunning color, and durable style. They are low maintenance too!

Let’s find out which surface is right for your project!

My Splash Pad Safer Surface

My Splash Pad Safer Surface is the popular water play and playground surface choice of our residential and light commercial customers, but it can also be used in commercial applications. It is designed to minimize the risk of injury due to a fall, making it a great safety surface choice for your splash pad, walking paths, and patios.

My Splash Pad Safer Surface

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My Splash Pad Anti-Slip Coating

My Splash Pad Anti-Slip Coating is an attractive, comfortable underfoot, anti-slip textured surface. It is designed to help prevent slips and falls, making it an economical choice for residential splash pad customers, but is not a critical fall height rated surface like My Splash Pad Safer Surface.

Anti-Slip Coating

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Still not sure which safety surface is right for you? Our expert design team is happy to assist you!

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