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Splash Pad Water Play Features

My Splash Pad offers fun, colorful, and unique water play features and water playground equipment for commercial water parks, light commercial spray parks, and residential splash pads.

From our Arches & Hoops, Bucket Dumps, and Dog Features to our Mushrooms & Umbrellas, Classic, and Animals, our water play features will bring excitement and interactive fun to your splash pad.

Hands-on water play for kids of all ages

Splash pads are a great way to get children off screens and outside to have a blast with families and friends. Our above-ground features engage kids of all ages in fun water play.

My Splash Pad offers the best water play features

Whether you are looking for water playground equipment for your commercial splash park, light commercial splash zone or residential splashpad, My Splash Pad offers you the best in splash pad water play features for your dollar.


Our water play features lead the industry in strength and durability using structural polyurethane or marine-grade fiberglass.


Each feature is manufactured and custom painted by skilled craftsmen making each unique and one-of-a-kind.

made in the USA

We proudly manufacture our water play features and splash pad products in Northeast Ohio.

Water Play Feature Categories

We have been manufacturing above-ground features for 15+ years to give you easy-to-install and cost-effective options for all different themed and size aquatic play areas. Explore our unique and colorful water play feature categories.

Our distinctive splash pad features are sure to bring fun to your splash pad!

Children love our Ducks, Turtles, Frogs, Crabs, and other fun animal features with big smiling eyes that bring tons of joy to your splash pad! Our Water Cannon, Fire Hydrant, Flower Shower, Water Umbrella, Rain Sticks, Sun Spray, Birdie, Mini Mushrooms, Rain Blasters, and Bucket Dumps are also fan favorites, to name a few!

My Splash Pad is the best! Their product is what dreams are made of… Amazing! They really put their heart into what they do. Everyone is professional, responsive, and cares about your project. Definitely recommend them!

—K. Olive


My Splash Pad will design and build a unique water play area for all to enjoy! We can construct just about any custom feature – if you have an idea, we can bring it to life for your aquatic play area. We have fabricated many unique features for Make-A-Wish, Banana Boat, and other happy customers.

We lead the industry in manufacturing and installing, so you can feel confident working with us to bring your splash pad dreams to life. Give us a call or drop us a note about your project.

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Manufactured With Structural Polyurethane Or Marine-Grade Fiberglass

Our commercial water play features, portable and mobile water play features, dog water park features, and residential splash pad kit features are manufactured by skilled craftsmen using structural polyurethane or marine-grade fiberglass.

My Splash Pad offers one-of-a-kind dog water park features, freshwater-to-drain splash pad kits, and portable water play features for dog daycares, community doggy spray parks, and canine splash pads.

Dog Water Parks 


Homeowners can now make their family’s residential splash pad dreams come to life with My Splash Pad’s DIY Splash Pad Kits. Available in a range of freshwater-to-drain or recirculation pads.

DIY Residential Kits


Turn any yard, patio, driveway, or deck into an instant splash pad with My Splash Pad’s Portable Splash Pads, Portable Water Play Features, and Mobile Spray & Play Features.

Portable Splash Pads