Our splash pads are for the Dogs

Looking for a way to cool off your four-legged baby? 

We have your answer! An outdoor water park for dogs in their own backyard or for your doggy daycare! 

Not only do kids love running through the water in their outdoor splash pads, but dogs do too!

  One Texas mom said to us, “I don’t know who likes the splash pad more, my kids or my dog!”

If you have a four-legged kid like we do, or even more than one, we have a good idea of how much you love them and desire the best for them!  What great joy to see your pets playing and enjoying a comfortable, loving life…. Plus cooling off from the hot summer sun in their family’s residential splash pad or even a home away from home at a dog daycare facility!

Good health is so important for your pet.  Whether you have a high-energy dog or a relaxed, low-key dog, a new pup or a more mature companion, they will all love splashing around the water features or playing on their water play equipment in the safety of your home yard!  This is the ultimate in pet exercise, and fitness and certainly helps them be in the good condition you want for them!  With a commercial dog water park, we do recommend a freshwater setup,  so while your pets are playing, they are not drinking chemically treated water.

Within our 30-plus, brightly-colored custom water play feature we have a shiny Fire Hydrant plus a brand new 3’ long doggy bone that will really stand out in a customized backyard splash pad or commercial spray park.  Or what fun your little sidekicks will have when you add our Alligator, Ladybug or a Birdie or two to an already existing wading pool!  And what about Hoops for them to jump through?  We have these also!  Many of these splash fountains are custom-painted to the color of your choice

Daycare providers are increasingly adding dog water parks, spray parks, and splash pads to their facilities to offer a canine oasis for their guests!  If the owner’s guardian has to be away from home all day, doggy daycares provide protection, playtime, and socialization with other dogs in a safe environment.  Part of their playtime now includes romping with “friends” in and around the daycare splash park equipment and just being dogs! No lonely furry friends in these pet resorts!

Unlike other manufacturer options available, all of our above-ground features are crafted from the highest quality marine-grade fiberglass. We are proud to manufacture our own line of water play features, made here in Ohio, USA.