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My Splash Pad and Make A Wish team up

My Splash Pad & Make A Wish team up to grant wishes for residential splash pads

Make-A-Wish Foundation is an awesome organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.  The precious little ones they help mean a lot to us, so from our hearts, we happily created a distinctive outdoor splash pad with playground water features for each of them.   So far this year, throughout the United States, we have designed seven backyard splash pads just for these children and their families.

We try to go the extra mile on all of our installs, but when it comes to Make-A-Wish, we want them to be unique, so the “granted wish” is over and above what the children desired.  The residential splash pads with the choice of over thirty water-play features have brought joy and outdoor fun into the children’s lives, rewarding all of us with their incredible, smiling faces.

Our Make-A-Wish-Foundation projects include:

  • a splash pad for a little boy who loves trains and Elmo, so for his pleasure, we created those specific designs on a mini-mushroom water feature
  • a girly pink, purple and glittery splash pad with flower water features that is most likely every little girl’s dream
  • a ladybug feature on the lower stem of a mushroom water feature specifically designed so a little girl could stand up and hold on
  • a garden-themed splash pad featuring a custom butterfly and a ladybug water-play feature for a little girl who loves butterflies, and we also embedded flowers in the Safety Surface in her residential backyard splash pad
  • Disney “Finding Nemo” -themed home backyard splash pad for Make-a-Wish child who really loves Nemo
  • a princess-style water park in backyards for several young ones who love the fantasy world of castles and princes and, of course, a beautiful princess
  • a fire hydrant for a little boy’s backyard makeover that we painted with bright orange paint and “candied metal flake.”
My Splash Pad and Make A Wish team up to grant wishes for residential splash pads

Our goal was to find out what each child really enjoyed and then bring that dream to life for them in the form of a water play area that would entertain them daily!

On all these outdoor residential splash pads we applied Safer Surface, a wet-pour surfacing designed for indoor and outdoor use to aid in minimizing the risk of injury from trips and falls in recreational areas.  It’s easy to maintain, resistant to abrasions and indentations and quick to drain, making it usable in all weather.

For the ultimate in water conservation and water safety, these splash pads include a recirculatory system, a chlorinator, and a UV light sanitizer/clarifier that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and a 220 gallon tank.  Our recirculatory tanks, our 3-in-1 nozzles and our mechanism make the water dance from nozzle to nozzle.  All have a lifetime warranty.

The icing on the cake for us is how pleased the recipients are!  For example, Make-A-Wish in Central Texas said, “We worked with John specifically for a wish and he did everything we could have imagined and more. He paid great attention to detail and was so easy to work with. He also customized the splash pad to what the wish kiddo wanted – he just went above and beyond and made our job easy. Overall it was a great experience working with him and his company, we would recommend them to anybody!”

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