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Commercial Spray Park for YMCA

Commercial Spray Park for YMCA

What do you think of when you hear “YMCA”?  Activities, sports and recreation? Camps?  Family time?  Yes, to all that and much more! Check it out!

Demolish and Transform Any YMCA Unused Baby Pool into a Commercial Spray Park!

YMCA of Boyertown PA—This YMCA is a branch of the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA that had an unused baby pool just sitting there, occupying space with no purpose.  We demoed and then renovated the baby pool into a spectacular 2,200 sq. ft. aquatic park with several water features and a custom safety surface that works hand-in-hand with their large outdoor swimming pools!  Additionally, the “Y” opens up their splash pad and pool for a day at the end of their summer season for The Boyertown Yip and Dip Doggie Swim for dogs and owners willing to take the plunge!

Fleetwood YMCA–We demolished an old, unused baby pool for the YMCA in Fleetwood, PA.  Using the original pool footprint, we added an 800 sq. ft. water oasis with six above-ground fun water play features for them.  Vacant space became valuable space as kids of all ages enjoy their awesome commercial water park!

My Splash Pad Van Wert Ohio YMCA water park spray splash pad

Add a New Splash Pad and You Also May Increase the Number of Visitors!

YMCA in Van Wert, OH—We added to Camp Clay a water play area that is 3,600 square feet of aquatic park fun!  With several water play features, our MSP Anti-Slip Surface  and around a few features we installed our MSP Safer Surface, along with an 8’ custom “Y” logo in the center.

Camp Clay Director Clint Myers called to say, “We normally only have a few hundred people, but since the splash pad was installed, we have more than doubled our attendance, and a few times have had over 800 people which is unbelievable.”  He added that the facility now has more intergenerational water fun because families will spend the entire day there, and even bring grandma to the park!  No longer is it just mom dropping off the kids for a few hours, now the whole family attends! Families can fish, swim, camp, romp in the playground and splash in their fabulous new commercial splash pad.  The local retirement home even brought their residents over for more intergenerational activity as they joined in play with all the children already there!

The Erie YMCA of Greater Erie, PA at Camp Sherwin–This “Y” is getting all they desire in their water play area by working on their 1,200 sq. ft. splash pad over a 3-year period. New water features have been added yearly for an interactive water park; and next year we will be pouring a MSP Safer Surface on their spray pad.  In the end, they will have all they wanted and everyone is happy!   If you are in the area, go visit them and have a blast!

We can install your splash park to be ADA compliant so everyone can enjoy it!

My Splash Pad intergenerational water park spray play

If your YMCA has an unused baby pool, contact us and we will help transform it into an awesome commercial splash pad!  Use the space…don’t leave it empty!  Your guests will love it!

Or, if your community wants to add to an existing park, suggest a spray park for a fun, safe and colorful water fun experience for children and adults of any age!

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