Check out our line of Dog Water Park Features.

Dog Water Park Features For Your Dog Splash Pad

Dog Water Park Features For Your Splash Pad

My Splash Pad is excited to offer fun, colorful, and one-of-a-kind dog water park features for dog daycares, community doggy spray parks, and canine splash pads!

We don’t want man’s best friend to be left out of the water fun! Our Dog Water Park Play Features will have your playful pals waggin’ and splashin’ with these aquatic water play areas for dog parks or even for your home. With our awesome Dog Bowl, Dog Bone, Dog House, Bulldog Water Bowl, and Dog Bowl with Hydrant the water play fun is sure to abound!

Splashpads are a terrific addition to your doggy day care and provide safe and fun play for joyful pups. Our dog water park features are all proudly made right here in the USA (Ohio) and manufactured with the highest quality materials at the hands of skilled artisans and provide safe water play and socialization for your beloved pets.

Crafted from heavy wall marine grade fiberglass, our features are extremely durable and have some of the highest wall thickness in the industry. NO steel to rust or PVC that breaks!

  • They are built to withstand vigorous play.
  • They will not rust.
  • They can be custom painted in the colors of your choice.
  • They can be branded with your logo or identity.

Custom Painted Canine Splash Pad Water Features

We hand paint each of our unique dog water park play features, so no two features are exactly alike. And we can custom paint your water feature to coordinate with your brand colors and even add your company logo or identity to the the feature for a truly custom touch.

And with My Splash Pad we are the manufacturer and the installer, so you do not get the run around about the warranty of your splash pad!

Dog Water Park Features For Your Dog Splash Pad

Whether you are looking for water playground equipment for your dog water park, commercial splash park or residential splashpad, you are sure to find My Splash Pad offers you the best quality in splash pad water play features for your dollar. Find your favorite dog water park play features in our water playground gallery! Then give us a call or drop us a note about your project. Your four-legged friends will thank you!

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Dog Park Features

My Splash Pad Dog Bone Water Play Feature

Dog Bone

My Splash Pad Dog Bowl Water Play Feature

Dog Bowl

My Splash Pad Dog Bowl with Fire hydrant Water Play Feature

Dog Bowl & Hydrant

My Splash Pad Dog House Water Play Feature

Dog House

My Splash Pad Dog Jump Hoop Water Play Feature

Dog Jump Hoop

My Splash Pad Doggy Wash Water Play Features

Doggy Wash

My Splash Pad Bulldog Water Bowl Water Play Features

Bulldog Water Bowl

My Splash Pad Dog Wading Pool Water Play Features

Dog Wading Pool

Portable Dog Park Features

My Splash Pad is the only direct commercial & residential splash pad manufacturer that fabricates a portable splash pad line! These features are manufactured to come straight out of the shipping crate, attach a garden hose and you have a refreshing water play toy in minutes. If you are a city park, dog day care, campground, or residential backyard looking to add a water play area – you will love the convenience of our portable splashpads!

View our Portable Line