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Water Play Features

Dog Jump Hoop
Water Play Features

Dogs will love this unique octagon water hoop! This 4’ tall feature will keep your four-legged friend busy in the summer heat at your dog spray park. They will have a “blast” as they jump through to cool off.

Combine with My Splash Pad Dog Bowl with Hydrant water play features, Dog Bone, or My Splash Pad Dog Bowl water play features to create the doggy splashpads of your dreams.

Included with Purchase:

  • My Splash Pad Dog Hoop
  • 1 1⁄2” supply line
  • One My Splash Pad Water Play Feature Bases
  • Stainless Steel, Grade 8 Mounting Bolts with Nylon Washers
  • Gasket for in-between the feature and the base

Feature Information:

Looking for something different for your splash pad? Be sure to check out our entire line of water playground equipment and water play features for your dog splash pad.

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Dog Water Park Jump Hoop Manufactured & Installed By My Splash Pad