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We take outdoor fun seriously, so you don’t have to.

With unmatched service, quality products, and our commitment to safety, you can rest assured that our water play features and splash pad components are an affordable and valuable investment.

We manufacture water play options for all ages, abilities, and budgets to ensure everyone gets in on the fun!

It’s as simple as ABC when My Splash Pad is involved in your commercial splash pad project!

Above Ground Features

We have been manufacturing marine-grade fiberglass water play features for over 15+ years to give you easy-to-install and cost-effective options for all different themed and size aquatic play areas!

Animal Water Play Features

Looking for animal features with smiling faces for hands-on play? You might like our Alligator, Fish, Crab, or Turtle.

Classic Water Play Features

Does your idea of a splash pad include classic features like our Large Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Triple Fun, Hoops, or Double Axis Water Cannon? We have those and more!

My Splash Pad Water Spray Park Features & Toys. Manufacturers & Installers of Splashpad Equipment

Dog Water Park features

Check out our fun and unique water play features we created for dog water parks! From our Dog Bone to the Dog Bowl with Hydrant to our Sitting Dog.

Our features will give your dog daycare, dog water park, or rescue center a distinctive look all its own!

Dog Water Park Manufacturer & Installer. My Splash Pad, made in the USA.

Need a custom water park feature?

We can work with your ideas to manufacture custom water play features specifically for your splash pad; view some examples here!

Sistersville, Wv. Quaker State Oil Rig Derrick Custom Water Park Feature Manufactured & Installed By My Splash Pad

Below Ground Features

Along with our colorful & fun above-ground water play features, My Splash Pad is an industry leader in below-ground features.

With options like Fan Jet, Liquid Tunnel, and Liquid Sprout (to name a few!), we offer an array of options for how the water sprays and plays in your splash pad!

We also offer nozzles and cover plates for your commercial water play areas.


The behind-the-scenes components of a water play system are just as important as above and below-ground features.

We offer high-quality lighting systems, and My Splash Pad manufactured control boxes that can create stunning water fountain effects and vaults to protect pipe valves.

Bollard activators help conserve water and make turning on the splash pad fun.

If you are looking around with plans in mind, we manufacture separate feature bases with cover plates to use on the spray park for adding features once the budget allows.


We can customize a water park construction package to fit the theme and scale of your project, then bring it to life in 3D. It’s our goal to make your vision clear for any commercial water park, HOA spray park, campground water play area, daycare aquatic play area, or swim club splash park a reality.

CAD Renderings

CAD renderings are helpful when you have a committee or board; this way, everyone can be on the same page with your project’s design and colors.

We can also create detailed drawings for recirculation spray parks for permitting and your locally licensed engineer to use for finalizing the project through our design programs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help bring your project to life!

My Splash Pad,  Water Park Designer, Manufacturer, Builder & Installer of Splashpads

Why choose My Splash Pad?

Our manufacturing process using Fiberglass And/Or Structural Polyurethane gives you safety and durability, along with ease of installation.

Our single-stage Urethane Enamel paint process will last many years and shine just like your car finish.

With us as your direct-to-customer manufacturer, we are more cost-effective and can provide quicker lead times to help speed along your project.

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Are you more interested in an instant, non-permanent splash pad option?

Check out our one-of-a-kind portable splash pad line! No one else in the WORLD offers a mobile splash pad like our setup. You can go from crate to party in minutes; all you need is a working garden hose and a flat area to place it.

Our portable splash pads move with you! They are great for small spaces, pop-up splash park days for kids and dogs, and much more. Get the same look as one of our permanent pads with our unique line of above-ground features that bolt onto the platform for a fun and moveable water park!

We even have our fun animals and dog water park features as mobile options! 

My Splash Pad, Manufacturer Of Portable Instant Splashpads