Splash Pad Water Playground Equipment And Water Play Features

My Splash Pad is pleased to offer you fun, colorful, and unique water playground equipment or water play features for commercial water parks, light commercial spray parks and residential splashpads.

Our Water CannonFire HydrantFlower ShowerWater UmbrellaRain Sticks, Sun SprayBirdieMini Mushrooms, Rain BlastersBucket Dump , all of the animal and dog water park features are all proudly made right here in the USA (Ohio) and manufactured with the highest quality materials at the hands of skilled craftsmen.

Crafted from heavy wall marine grade fiberglass, our features have some of the highest wall thickness in the industry. NO steel to rust or PVC that breaks!

  • They are built to withstand vigorous play.
  • They will not rust.
  • They can be custom painted in the colors of your choice.

Above Ground Features add hands-on water play for children of all ages! With our unique water play features, we hand paint each feature, so no 2 features are exactly alike. Children just love our Ducks, Turtles, Frogs, Crabs, and other fun animal features that all have big smiling eyes to bring tons of joy! Splashpads get children unplugged from the electronics and outside to have a blast with their families and friends. 

My Splash Pad will design and build a unique water play area for all to enjoy! We can construct just about any custom feature – if you have an idea, we can bring it to life for your aquatic play area. We have fabricated many special features for Make A Wish, Banana Boat, and other happy customers. We are the manufacturer and the installer, so you do not get the run around about the warranty of your splash pad!

We also manufacturer a whole line of Dog Water Park Features. If you have a dog daycare, community park or even for your home. Check out the big Dog Bone or cool off in the Dog Bowl with a Fire Hydrant, check out the whole line for your best friend!

My Splash Pad is the only direct commercial and residential splash pad manufacturer that fabricates a portable splash pad line! These features are manufactured to come straight out of the shipping crate, attach a garden hose and you have a splashpad party in minutes. If you are a city park, campground, swim club, daycare or residential backyard looking to add a water play area – you will love the convenience of our portable splashpads!

The Best In Splash Pad Water Play Features For Your Dollar!

Whether you are looking for water playground equipment for your commercial splash park, light commercial splash zone or residential splashpad, you are sure to find My Splash Pad offers you the best in splash pad water play features for your dollar. Find your favorite water play features in our water playground equipment gallery! Then give us a call or drop us a note about your project.

Click images below for more details

Animal Water Features

My Splash Pad Birdie Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Gator Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Ladybug Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Large Ladybug Water Play Features

Large Ladybug

My Splash Pad Turtle Water Play Features

Small Turtle

 My Splash Pad Sea Turtle Water Play Features

Sea Turtle

My Splash Pad Medium Turtle Water Play Features

Medium Turtle

My Splash Pad Turtle Tortoise Water Play Features

Large Turtle

My Splash Pad Butterfly Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Crab Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Duck Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Starfish Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Fish Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Snake Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Frog Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Orca Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Shark Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Dragon Water Play Features


Hoop & Arch Water Features

My Splash Pad 6' Arch Water Play Feature


My Splash Pad Small Arch Water Play Feature

Small Arch

My Splash Pad Tall Arch Water Play Feature

Tall Arch

My Splash Pad Frog Arch Water Play Feature

Frog Arch

My Splash Pad Frog Hoop Water Play Feature

Frog Hoop

My Splash Pad Mini Frog Arch Water Play Features

Mini Frog Arch

My Splash Pad Mister Bar Hoop Water Feature

Mister Bar Hoop

My Splash Pad Square Hoop Water Feature

Square Hoop


My Splash Pad Double Blaster Water Play Feature

Double Blaster

My Splash Pad Double Blaster Water Play Feature

Rain Blaster

Bucket Dumps

My Splash Pad Single Bucket Dump Water Play Feature

Single Bucket Dump

My Splash Pad Double Bucket Dump Water Play Feature

Double Bucket Dump

My Splash Pad Three Bucket Dump Water Play Feature

Three Bucket Dump

My Splash Pad Double Fun Water Play Feature

Double Fun

My Splash Pad Triple Fun Water Play Feature

Triple Fun

My Splash Pad Single Water Wheel Water Play Feature

Single Water Wheel

My Splash Pad Double Water Wheel Water Play Feature

Double Water Wheel

Dog Park Features

My Splash Pad Dog Bone Water Play Feature

Dog Bone

My Splash Pad Dog Bowl Water Play Feature

Dog Bowl

My Splash Pad Dog Bowl with Fire hydrant Water Play Feature

Dog Bowl & Hydrant

My Splash Pad Dog House Water Play Feature

Dog House

My Splash Pad Dog Jump Hoop Water Play Feature

Dog Jump Hoop

My Splash Pad Doggy Wash Water Play Features

Doggy Wash

My Splash Pad Bulldog Water Bowl Water Play Features

Bulldog Water Bowl

Half Spheres

My Splash Pad Half Sphere Water Play Feature

Half Sphere

My Splash Pad Spray Bump Water Play Feature

Spray Bump


My Splash Pad Mushroom Water Play Features

Large Mushroom

My Splash Pad Mushroom Water Play Feature


My Splash Pad Mini Mushrooms Water Play Feature

Mini Mushroom

My Splash Pad 24" Mini Mushrooms Water Play Feature

24″ Mini Mushroom

My Splash Pad Sensory Feature Mini Mushroom Water Play Features

Sensory Mini Mushroom

My Splash Pad Artistic Mushroom Water Play Features

Artistic Mushroom

Column Features

My Splash Pad Small Rain Stick Water Play Feature

Small Rain Stick

My Splash Pad Tall Rain Stick Water Play Feature

Tall Rain Stick

My Splash Pad Mist Stick Water Play Features

Mist Stick

My Splash Pad Fountain Fun Water Play Features

Fountain Fun

My Splash Pad Water Palm Tree Water Play Features

Water Palm Tree


My Splash Pad Standard Umbrella Water Play Features

Standard Umbrella

My Splash Pad Large Umbrella Water Play Features

Large Umbrella

My Splash Pad Extra Large Umbrella Water Features

Extra Large Umbrella

My Splash Pad Beach Umbrella Water Features

Beach Umbrella

Water Cannons

My Splash Pad Double Axis Water Cannon Water Play Features

Double Axis Water Cannon

My Splash Pad Single Axis Water Cannon Water Play Features

Single Axis Water Cannon

Misc Water Features

My Splash Pad  Fire Hydrant Water Play Features

Fire Hydrant

My Splash Pad Flower Shower Water Play Features

Flower Shower

My Splash Pad Sun Spray Water Features

Sun Spray

My Splash Pad Lollipop Water Play Features


My Splash Pad Poolside Chairs

Poolside Chair

My Splash Pad Pirate at Helm

Pirate at Helm

My Splash Pad Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

My Splash Pad Palm Tree

Palm Tree

My Splash Pad Cactus Water Features


Activators & Plates

My Splash Pad Bollard Activator Water Features

Bollard Activator

My Splash Pad Foot Plate Water Features

Foot Plate

My Splash Pad Pad Cap Water Features

Pad Cap