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Our Line of Water Play Features & Water Playground Equipment is Growing!

We are excited to share with you the newest additions to our line of water play features and water playground equipment, proudly made in the USA!

Mini Mushroom Water Play Feature

Create a fun and whimsical water garden scene on your splash pad with our Mini Mushrooms. When coated with My Splash Pad Safer Surface, they make great sensory features. We’re installing one in the splash pad we are doing for the Cerebral Palsy League in New Jersey. What a great project for some wonderful kids!

My Splash Pad Mini Mushroom Water Play Features


Sun Spray Water Play Feature

Get drenched in sprays of funshine with our Sun Spray. Our Sun Spray water play features are fitted with five nozzle housings and come with three interchangeable nozzles per housing. That’s 15 nozzles to choose from for an almost endless array of spray pattern combinations.

Sun Spray Water Play Features by My Splash Pad


Birdie Water Play Feature

Watch children’s imaginations soar to new heights with the addition of our Birdie water play features. We recently created a cardinal for a splash pad in our home state of Ohio!

My Splash Pad Birdie Water Play Features


Spray Bump Water Play Feature

Have a ball with our dynamic Spray Bump! Made from fiberglass and coated in My Splash Pad Safer Surface, these unique features are a favorite of preschoolers and toddlers, but offer just as much fun for the big kids. We can fit the Spray Bump with up to five nozzle housings. Like our Sun Spray, each nozzle housing comes with three interchangeable nozzles for countless spray pattern options.

My Splash Pad Spray Bump Water Play Features

And coming soon – our Bucket Dump! 

We’re having loads of fun designing, creating, and installing splash pads and water play features of all shapes and colors. Let’s talk about what we can do for you! 

Are you an installer looking for splash pad kits and water playground equipment? Send your questions our way. We’d be happy to help.


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