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My Splash Pad Components

We manufacture and offer the following variety of splash pad components for our customers to ensure that you have the right tools to complete the job. Contact Us to get your questions answered!

LED Surface Lights

Use our LED surface lighting to create a water play extravaganza!

These color-changing lights are installed into the concrete of the splash pad and use low voltage wiring. Surface lights are sold individually.

We can add on one of our control boxes or a transformer for controlling the LED lighting for a separate cost (must purchase one or the other to use the lighting). Please make sure to run lighting wiring through a gray PVC conduit for safety.

Before ordering the lights, measure the furthest spot where a surface light will connect at the control box/equipment pad to ensure you get the correct length wire. These lights come prepackaged with 80ft or 150ft wire for each light, and it’s essential not to be short.


Protecting your splash pad components is integral to keeping any water park running smoothly. Our marine-grade fiberglass vaults are a great way to secure the working components from both people and the elements. It fully encases the area with a bottom, so all ball valves, solenoids, gate valves, and winterization fittings are sheltered and weather tight.

For a separate cost, we can pre-build the vault specific to your splash pad with ball valves, solenoids, gate valves, and winterization fittings for easy placement for your installer.

Control Boxes

Customized to your needs, this electronic brain will be used to control water usage and how it dances from nozzle to nozzle.

We can program the box to start, run, and stop each day specific to your hours, for example, if it needs to begin at 11am and shut off at 7pm. The control box also helps conserve the water, especially when paired with our Bollard Activator System.

Bollard Activator System

Our Bollard System has everything you need; the bollard stem, feature base, and hardware to bolt the bollard down, and the cap with a sensor installed and tested. It is also manufactured with industrial components inside an Allied box and comes with our control box programmed as requested.

You can even choose the color of the bollard to match the rest of the play area; view our color chart here.

Using the Bollard Activator conserves water by only letting the water turn on when touched and the control box set for a particular run time.

Feature Base and Cover Plate

You also receive an anchoring feature base when you purchase an above ground feature. Suppose there are plans to add future water play features to the spray park. In that case, we recommend purchasing stand-alone bases with included cover plates. The bases will already be installed for a more straightforward water play feature addition.

Winterization Caps

Our winterization caps protect the feature bases during the winter to help seal off any water from filling the water lines. These are a separate purchase from the feature base and can ONLY be used in the winter. The caps are thicker than our cover plates and would be a trip hazard if used while the splash pad is running.