Check Out The My Splash Pad
Water Play Features Catalog!

My Splash Pad makes it easy to browse our fun line of commercial and residential water playground equipment with our new water play features catalog. It’s available to you for free!

In the catalog, you will find over thirty colorful pages that showcase My Splash Pad’s American-made products and the quality inherent in each piece.

On every water play feature page, we’ve included:

  • product photos;
  • a list of what’s included with the purchase; and
  • feature information such as construction materials, sizing and color options, and water output in gallons per minute.
  • The table of contents lists our water playground equipment and water play features in categories to help you find what you’re looking for with greater ease.
  • Would you like to find animal water play features to add to your splash park?  They’re on pages 6-9.
  • Water canons for your splash zone?  Pages 27-28.
  • Buckets for your backyard water park?  Pages 15-16.
  • And the categories continue!

View or download your free copy of our water play features catalog here. Then scroll through it online, print it, email it, share it, or pin it while you plan for and design your splash pad installation or upgrade.

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My Splash Pad Feature Catalog