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My Splash Pad water park daycare splashpad pads Houston TX Texas NASA

NASA’s Johnson Space Center Splash Pad

Houston, Texas.  Our Made in America system and Water Play Features are perfect for this splash park at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in their Houston, Texas Daycare. The ONLY solar powered splashpad in the world at the time of the install!  We are told they use it every day! This splash pad would go well in your backyard also! NASA has also purchased our Portable Splash Pad features to add to their permanent splash pad at any time!

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The NASA/Johnson Space Center Child Care Center in Houston had a great summer using our new sensational splash pad. The splash pad was a fun addition to the JSC Child Care Center. The children really enjoyed playing out in the water all summer long. The classes used the splash pad daily as part of their outdoor time and the teachers have enjoyed the children’s excitement for water activities. As the director of the JSC Child Care Center, I have also seen how the splash pad has impacted our school with the use of a green recycling systems. The recirculation system in the splash pad reduced the amount of water wasted in the splash pad area. Since our school at JSC is green facility, already currently using solar power and wind harvesting methods, installing a green splash pad was very important aspect to us.I appreciated all effort and additional work the owner John Foraker and his crew focused on us. They traveled to Texas twice to make sure all the details were in place with our splash pad and that we had the best system to meet our needs.
Brooke Stephens, Executive Director, FM, FW & FSO – Space Family Education Inc.,NASA/Johnson Space Center,Houston, TX

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