My Splash Pad Helps Grant A Little Girl’s Wish

We had the privilege of working with Make-A-Wish Illinois to help grant the wish of a precious little girl, Autumn.  Her request?  To have her very own splash pad!

When we discovered some of Autumn’s favorite things, including the color pink, butterflies, and glitter, we knew we wanted to incorporate those elements into her splash pad. 

If anyone was going to have a tricked out backyard water play space, it was going to be her!

To start, we created a free-form concrete base to compliment the perimeter of the family’s outdoor entertaining area.  The base was equipped with 12 inground nozzles and two above-ground water play features  – the ever-popular umbrella and flower shower

Both features were custom-painted pink and adorned with sparkles and beautiful butterflies in vibrant colors.

To finish, we topped off Autumn’s splash pad with our perfectly pink My Splash Pad Anti-Slip Coating to help prevent slips and falls.

Water conservation and water safety

For the ultimate in water conservation and water safety, Autumn’s splash pad includes a recirculatory system, a chlorinator, and a UV light sanitizer/clarifier that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

We couldn’t have done this project without Autumn’s help.  Sporting her hard hat,  she helped us break ground and kept a good eye on the progress. 

Her excitement was contagious, and her smile lit up our days.  We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to meet such a special little girl and create the splash pad of her dreams for her.

You can read more about Autumn and her splash pad wish here.

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