Light Up Your Splash Pad with Fiber Optics

With My Splash Pad’s exclusive lighted nozzles, you can enhance the look and function of your splash pad with fiber optics. 

As the water sprays and streams from the nozzles, the water droplets capture the brilliant and changing hues of blue, green, magenta, and white to create colorful water images that are as pretty as they are fun.

In the past, this unique option was cost-prohibitive for most residential customers, but with the unique design of our nozzles, we’ve made it an affordable option for homeowners too.

How they work

Here is how they work.  We install the fiber optic control box (light source) at a safe distance away from the splash pad. 

Then we run the fiber optics from the light source to each nozzle.  When in operation, the fiber optics carry the light from the control box to the nozzle. 

They do not conduct electricity; they only carry light.  That’s what makes them a safe option for lighting aquatic areas.

Imagine the possibilities.  When the sun goes down, your splash pad becomes a work of art in motion.  Enjoy it as a beautifully lit water feature, or turn off the water and let the children throw their very own dance party with a lighted dance floor.  Ideas abound.

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Splash Pad with Fiber Optics Splash Pad with Fiber Optics