Anti-Slip Coating: A New Surfacing Option

Anti-Slip Coating by My Splash Pad

At My Splash Pad, we pride ourselves in offering you the best in surfacing options for your aquatic and water play areas.  PolySoftMy Splash Pad Safer Surface.  They are known for their outstanding performance in aquatic areas, playgrounds, parks, and facilities, but they don’t always fit a homeowner’s budget.  That’s where our newest surfacing addition comes in.

Introducing our Anti-Slip Coating – an attractive, non-slip textured surface that is comfortable underfoot.  Unlike PolySoft and Playtop, our Anti-Slip Coating is not a critical fall height rated surface.  It is not designed for use under playground equipment to cushion falls, but it is designed to help prevent slips and falls.  This quality has made it the economical choice for our light commercial and residential splash park customers looking to upgrade their surfacing beyond boring concrete.  With over 20 beautiful colors to choose from, we can create logos, designs, and images to fit most any scheme.

Intrigued?  Read more about our Anti-Slip Coating here.

My Splash Pad Anti-Slip Coating:  A New Surfacing Option

My Splash Pad Anti-Slip Coating:  A New Surfacing Option

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