Splash Pad Maintenance by My Splash Pad

Splash Pad Maintenance for Water Park & Playground Splash Pads

Do you have above ground water features, playground equipment, or splash pad accessories that need repaired or refurbished? Let our experienced team at My Splash Pad restore them to their original vibrancy . . . and beyond!

As featured in the Sun Messenger, My Splash Pad saved an Ohio village over $5,000 by reconstructing a turtle for their village pool! The photos at the bottom of this page show the dramatic transformation.

We can do the same for you, and more!

  • My Splash Pad repairs and refinishes above ground features and structures for water play areas and playgrounds alike.
  • We repair concrete.
  • Our team of certified installers can install an impact-absorbing safety surface over an existing solid surface that is cracked and worn, such as an old pool surround or concrete basketball court.
  • We can repair safety surfaces that have been damaged.

So, contact us today to see how My Splash Pad can breathe new life into your faded and tired water park, splash pad, or playground!

Water Park & Playground Maintenance Services by My Splash Pad