Foot Sensor Water Play Features

Less expensive than the bollard activator , My Splash Pad Foot Sensor water play features are another option for conserving water and saving on electric. With this feature your splash pad only runs when it is in use.

How does it work? A sensor is placed in a feature base and covered with a My Splash Pad Cover Plate. When a child steps on the cover plate, the splash pad turns on. Then, after a set period of time, the splash pad will automatically shut off. Still want to play after the splash pad has shut off? Simply tap on the cover plate again and it starts right back up.

The My Splash Foot Pad Sensor is the preferred choice for those looking for a sleek, clean design, free of above ground features, like the splash pad we did in Boston.

Included with purchase:

  • My Splash Pad heavy wall marine grade fiberglass with logo
  • Stainless Steel, Grade 8 Mounting Bolts with Nylon Washers
  • My Splash Pad Footer Base
  • Electronic Touch Sensor
  • Mechanical box that houses all electronics with pigtail to plug into GFI protected outlet

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My Splash Pad Foot Sensor Water Play Features