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Viewing: Commercial Splash Pad Installations

Columbus, Ohio. The second apartment complex in Columbus, OH, with a NJ owner, had us install a commercial water park where they had an old unused full size swimming pool.  They wanted a fun, safe and colorful water play area for children of all ages. The owners love the 20’X32’ fresh water to drain splash […] Read more

Cincinnati, Ohio.  We installed one of our portable splash pads and made it semi-permanent for this little boy that has Autism in Cincinnati, OH. His mom said that his fascination with water was so great that he would run off sometimes looking for water.  She now has peace of mind because he will sit for […] Read more

Chicago, Illinois. We installed this backyard home splashpad just outside of Chicago, Illinois in Carpenterville, IL with 5 colorful and exciting Water Play Feature toys!   Each water feature toy—Water Cannon, Fire Hydrant, Single Bucket Dump, Umbrella and Mini Mushroom—stands out in this aquatic park on the bright green My Splash Pad Anti-Slip surface and […] Read more

Chicago, Illinois.  This Make-A-Wish little girl’s hope was to have a home splash pad  in her own backyard!  Her mom told us that her favorite things were pink, butterflies and glitter. Her wish was gladly granted and we gave her pink everywhere—from her Water Play Features to the surface on the spray pad, with added sparkle and […] Read more

Caledonia, Michigan.  Awesome backyard fun will be had on this 20′ circle home splash park in Caledonia, Michigan!  There are 16 below ground Nozzles, 3 different size Bumps, a Flower Shower, and a Single Bucket Dump Water Play Feature along with the brilliant blue MSP Safer Surface!  This splash pad started out with a Small […] Read more

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